OMG! The Sun has Brought Out All the Bikes…

From one extreme to the other...

From one extreme to the other…

Bikes Come in all Shapes and Sizes…

They also come in a variety of styles, as do the cyclists.
As soon as the weather improves, out come all the bikes. There are some bikes all year round, those who use them to get to work, rain or shine and the lycra brigade but in the better weather we see the fair weather riders too. Out in all their finery, well next to nothing gear… see the red shoulders burnt red raw in the sun, then there are those in bare feet or only flip flops, no helmets. The bikes that are exceedingly long with umpteen kids all strung together only attached with a few wobbly looking bolts, not to mention the ones dragging a very thin flimsy nylon covered tent thing on wheels filled with their precious cargo of 2 or three babies. How about the wobbly chubbies out to try and shed a few pounds (I am afraid to admit this, but I am one of those!) as if there aren’t enough problems on the roads without having to deal with all these bikes too. Continue reading

Do I Need to Do Anything Before I Start My Driving Lessons?

New Style Number Plate

New Style Number Plate


You don’t have to do anything apart from make sure that you have a valid provisional licence in your possession. Just having sent off for one won’t be good enough, you must wait until you have received it. It is good to note that you can actually send off for your licence 3 months before your 17th birthday ( if you are disabled, it might be possible to start driving at the age of 16 but that depends on your level of disability. You will need to contact your doctor to find out..)

Old Style Number Plate

Old Style Number Plate

The first thing your instructor should do after checking that your licence is ok, is to check your eyesight. If you think you might have a problem with your sight, it is probably advisable to have your eyes tested a month or two before your first lesson, so that if you need to have glasses for driving, you can get them in advance and you won’t have to wait before you can drive. Also you will be able to get used to wearing them a little bit before you have to use them for driving. The sight test that your instructor will do is very simple, you just need to be able to read a new number plate at 20 metres or an old style number plate at 20.5 metres. Your examiner will perform the same eyesight check on the day of your practical test too. Continue reading

Are Mirrors a Waste of Time?


Mirrors are a “MUST”!

Car about to over-take!

Car about to over-take!

I once had a new pupil who had been taught to drive mainly by his Dad, although he had had a few lessons by an instructor to start with. His driving was OK but he hardly used his mirrors at all. He got quite huffy with me when I explained that he should use them more. His reply went something like this.

“They are a waste of time, it doesn’t make any difference whether you use them or not, you still do, whatever it is, you were going to do. I won’t be bothering with them when I have passed.”

Well of course, I pointed out that unless he got used to using his mirrors, he wouldn’t pass! When I quizzed him with; “What do you look for when you are checking your mirrors.” He looked blank and confessed he didn’t know. On further investigation I discovered that due to his lack of knowledge, he was looking at them, rather than looking for particular things in them. Continue reading