Tailgaters and Middle Lane Hoggers – BEWARE!

Middle Lane Hogger

Oops! That could cost £100 and 3 points!

Middle Lane Hogging!

Drivers caught middle lane hogging can now be given a fixed penalty notice for £100 and 3 points added to their licence in a crackdown on anti-social driving behaviour. You can of course opt to take a driving awareness course instead of the points but you still have to pay the fine. Police have been given new powers to issue the fixed penalty notice on the spot rather than using up valuable court time. You can still elect to go to court though if you wish. Although, it is thought that most people will opt to pay the fine and take the awareness course rather than receive points.

Sow with piglets feeding in the middle of the road.

Sorry, couldn’t resist this!

Why is Middle Lane Hogging so Bad?

Let us look at what we should be doing… The left lane is for general driving, the middle lane is for over-taking and the right lane is also for over-taking if both the left and middle lane are already occupied. Continue reading