Lesson 2b – Foot Controls

Foot Control Pedals

Foot Control Pedals

It is important to remember that the foot controls are just that – controls – not on off switches! They are arranged from right to left; Accelerator, Brake, Clutch. Just remember ABC backwards.

Foot Controls – Accelerator – Right Foot

The accelerator more often than not, will be referred to as the gas pedal as it is easier to say. When you squeeze the gas pedal down, it feeds the engine with more fuel and air which makes the engine rotate faster. It does not necessarily mean that the car will go faster. This depends on other factors which we will go into later on. This is your GO pedal and should be squeezed gently down and eased gently up. Sudden movements with this pedal will make your driving jerky and uncomfortable.

Foot Controls – Brake – Right Foot

The foot brake is your STOP pedal ( it is also used for slowing down ). As you cannot go and stop at the same time, you will also use your right foot for the brake. Your right heel should be kept firmly on the floor and your toes should pivot between the gas and the brake. Like the gas pedal, the brake should be gently squeezed down and gently eased up. If you apply the brakes too firmly you will stop with an uncomfortable jerk forward at the end. For a nice smooth stop, start braking gently, gradually increase the pressure until the vehicle is a couple of car lengths before where you want to stop, then ease off the brakes gradually so that there is little or no braking by the time you actually come to a complete halt.

Foot Controls – Clutch – Left Foot

The clutch is always used with the left foot. Keep your left heel on the floor as much as possible. Your heel may lift a little when the clutch is pushed all the way down but as you lift it back up you need to get your heel back on the floor as soon as possible. You need to keep your left foot solely for the clutch because when moving off, you will need to use the gas pedal and the clutch together and when stopping you will need to use the brake and the clutch together. To use the clutch, you press the pedal firmly down and then ease it up. You will need to ease and squeeze when creeping forwards or backwards and when finding something called the biting point but we will come to that in the next lesson.

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