Useful Stuff

Here are some useful bits of information you might need and some useful links. (All links will open in a new window)

My Info

My Name: Carole Puttick
Mobile Number: 07777 668470
ADI Number: 423663 (You will need this when you book your practical test)

Help With Theory

To help you practice your theory you can purchase books and DVDs from the DSA Book Shop

You can also visit an online website like this one – Theory Test Pro You get a couple of short tests free and then they will charge you. However, if your instructor has an account with Theory Test Pro, they will be able to give you a code so that you don’t have to pay. ( I have a code for my pupils, just ask for it when you come for your first lesson with me. )

Booking Theory or Practical Tests

Both your theory test and your practical test should be booked through the official DSA Website Beware of other sites out there offering to book your test for you. Most will let you choose a date but you don’t often get the date you choose. Some charge you extra and often there will be a mix up with your booking. There is nothing worse than psyching yourself up for your test only to find out when you get there that it was either last week or it hasn’t even been booked yet. So be warned!!!

Booking your test directly with the DSA ensures that the date and time you select will be definite and will cost you just £62.00. There are no extras and you can also login to the DSA website and change your appointment time, if you need to, without any hassle.