It is always nice to know what people think of you….

From Charley H;

Hi Carole, just wanted to thank you again for everything and helping me pass my test xx.


From Annalise W;

Carole creates a calm and friendly atmosphere which makes the lessons really enjoyable. I had to pass quickly and without her well meant nagging, I wouldn’t have passed as quickly as I did.


From Ceri P-H;

“I had to learn to drive out of necessity rather than choice, but Carole managed to coax me out of my sheer terror and lack of enthusiasm! She is very patient and pays attention to people’s learning styles, explaining things verbally, visually (using pen and paper or her i-pad), and demonstrating them herself as appropriate. I had my lessons quite intensively as I needed to pass my test by a certain date, and Carole was as accommodating and flexible as possible. She was always positive to build my confidence, and is very easy to get on with, which really helped me relax and feel more comfortable behind the wheel. Plus, she helped me prepare for the theory test and car maintenance questions. I can’t believe I passed first time! Largely thanks to Carole :)”


From Charley F-C;

Thank you very much for teaching me how to drive. It is something that I will need and use for a long time. I could never have passed without you!!
THANK YOU!! Many thanks, Charley :)