The Driving Test Report Explained

At the end of your practical test (whether you have passed or failed), you will be given a copy of your driving test Report along with an explanation sheet. For your information, I have typed out the entire contents of this explanation sheet for you. It may just help you to understand what is expected of you on your test.

1(a) Eyesight Test

At the start of the test the examiner asked you to read a vehicle registration number. If you required glasses or contact lenses, you must wear them whenever you drive. If you had problems with the eyesight test, perhaps you should consider consulting an optician.

1(b) Highway Code / Safety

If you didn’t need to take a separate theory test, for example to obtain a licence for a tractor or other specialist vehicle, you will have been asked questions on the Highway Code and other related matters. You will have also been asked to identify some traffic signs. If you had difficulty with these questions make sure that you study properly by reading as wide a range of publications as you can to increase your understanding.
If you have already passed a theory test you will not have been asked Highway Code questions at the practical test stage; but you should still have a thorough knowledge of it.

Safety questions (if applicable)- you should know the location of, and be able to operate, safety components such as fire extinguisher, fuel cut-off switch and emergency door.

2 Controlled Stop

You will need to be able to display a high level of skill in bringing the car to a stop, safely, promptly and under full control avoiding locking the wheels. Remember that in wet weather it can take twice as long to stop safely.

3, 4 and 5 Reverse Exercises

You will need to display the ability to control the vehicle safely whist reversing to the left, right, when parking in the road or into a parking bay. You must take good effective all round observation throughout the manoeuvre and show consideration to other road users.

6 Turn in the Road

You will need to display the low speed control and other observation skills necessary to carry out this exercise safely with due regard for other road users and pedestrians.

More to follow: There are 30 sections on a test sheet. Not all are relevant to a car licence though! I just haven’t finished typing them all out yet! Doh!