Theory Test

What You Need To Know

The best way to do your theory test is to study a bit in advance then finish your studies as you learn your practical skills. That way the theory and the practical driving skills compliment each other.
Having said that, it is sometimes better to get the theory test out of the way before you even start your practical lessons. You can be practicing the theory questions before your 17th birthday and book your theory test for the actual day of your birthday or at least within few days.
The reasoning behind this is; theory can sometimes be considered rather boring and it is difficult to set your mind to learning it. The practical test cannot be booked until you have passed your theory and there is sometimes a long wait before a suitable date is available. There is nothing worse than realising that you are ready for the practical test but you haven’t passed your theory.
If this does happen, you are then in a quandary; You don’t need to have lessons for learning purposes but you need to keep taking lessons for practice purposes so that you don’t forget what you have learned. Obviously the more lessons you have, the more experience you gain, but even so, lessons are expensive, so do you really want to pay for lessons that you don’t really need?
So for this reason, I recommend that you start your theory practice early and at least have your theory test booked if not actually completed, either before or during the first couple of weeks of starting your practical lessons.
You can book your theory test here.

Remember to take your driving licence with you to the test. Both the counterpart and the plastic card. Without these, you will be sent away, and you won’t get a refund!